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Something Wild Taxidermy
Something Wild Taxidermy | 10 Saleesh Dr. Thompson Falls, Mt. 59873 | (406)827-5180
Welcome to Something Wild Taxidermy! If you are looking for a taxidermist in Thompson Falls, Montana, or the Sanders County area, you have come to the right place! If you want quality taxidermy, and want a taxidermist who can guarantee your mount for life, look no further! Steve Fundum is a professional taxidermist and taxidermy school instructor with 25 years experience. Assisting him is his wife, Ro, who handles the administrative end of the business.

Our entire business philosophy can be described in the following few statements:

*The satisfaction of a job well done is measured not by what we put into it, but what the customer gets out of it!
*We do not settle for the illusion of quality...illusions are temporary.
*The quality of our work is permanent, and our work is guaranteed for life!*

Have you ever seen taxidermy mounts with warped ears, lips that have cracked & come apart, or skin that has pulled away from the eyes? These mounts may have looked great in the beginning, but over time they began to deteriorate. This deterioration is due to one of two causes:

Either the mount is so old that many of today's procedures were not known at the time, or the taxidermist is simply unaware of the current ways to accurately, artistically, and permanently preserve the animal.

Every time we see such a mount, it reinforces our desire to always create beautiful, long lasting taxidermy mounts that our customers will enjoy for many years to come. If you are a quality conscious customer seeking superior quality taxidermy services, please give us a call. We look forward to turning your next trophy into a true Work of Art!

*Our lifetime guarantee does not cover damage due to conditions beyond our control, such as dog chewing, weather damage, staining from smoke damage, etc. is dedicated to the promotion of Something Wild Taxidermy in Thompson Falls, Montana.
For more information on our taxidermy services, please contact Steve Fundum at 406-827-5180.